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Recorded in an apartment in 2006 on a Fostex MR-8. This album is about all the motions you go through in your teens...losing God, finding love, losing love, wishing you could just die, harboring unjust and inconclusive opinions without any real knowledge of what the fuck is going on.

I had just bought my first guitar, a Fender DG-7, and started experimenting with songwriting. This is the journey of a crass, rebellious little idiot. I had reservations about this album and some of the contents, but I feel the need to present it in its original form for posterity. (However track 2, "Oh God;" has been removed)


released August 1, 2007

All songs written, recorded and performed poorly by Tony Chambers at the end of 2006 and into 2007.



all rights reserved


Sexy Skeksie Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sexy Skeksie is Tony of the Masters Chambers.

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Track Name: Dancing in Blood
We're so happy, we
we're dancing in blood, dancing in blood
and its what we've dreamed of

I wish there was a heaven, but I'd go straight to hell
I don't think I'd mind I don't give a damn oh well
I wish you could see me but I know you can't
You bring out the best in me and it's not like me to rant

She says she might love me and I have my doubts
to love love love or leave me love love I could do without
sometimes the dogs have their own noses
sometimes they have ones like me
please tell me what is wrong with me I think I've lost my mind
Track Name: Frame Fatale
Take a picture and shoot your sins
excorsize ghost and save your twin
solve the puzzle
redeem yourself
find a way out of this hell

There's no path no turning back
see the ghoul it goes to black
find the clues
save the world
but you're just a simple girl

Empty houses bodies there
no happiness its only despair
All God's Village
is no fun
Once you enter it has begun

What did you just say to me?

Oh God;
Track Name: Milkman
Milkman can dropped a platinum bomb
with decisions that made the whole world spin around
Milkman can took all of my toys and boys and my voice and my choice
let me down

Took me to a happening place sat me down and had me for a drink
All these suckers sitting round here I wonder what they stare at me and think about me?
Track Name: That Night
How could I hate the love you make?
How does it show? Through everything.
And now you're gone, I'm proven wrong
You failed the test, its for the best

And you're so beautiful this night, moonlight
shines on your face
To make you, you a perfect picture of beauty
This Night

The beloved, the unloving
I was both, how love can sting
The path I hate to overrate
cause love's not true, and I don't miss you

You were so beautiful, that night so long ago
so many years
Now your memory haunts me, so long ago
that night
Track Name: Wake Up
I realize it has come
it's all been said and done
in a battle I can't say that I've won

I'm tired so I sleep
In my dreams I do not weep
it is life in a river running so deep

Now I have forgiven everyone
I see its all been said and done
Now I wait anxiously for your reply
as I gaze into your beautiful eyes

Now I say goodnight
shake hands and say goodbye
for you can't remind by my side.
Track Name: Ugly
lately I find myself ugly to everyone else
burn out the candle illuminates brightly
enjoy killing me oh so slightly
finding god inthe strangest places
I don't know these ugly faces
Turn out the moon almost nightly
I look at you, you're so unsightly

If you think I'd die for you
Then it's you, you are the fool
when you ask me why or who it is
I just can't bear to look at you

Now I can't seem to see
what it really means to me
my secular disease needs a cure
but you never know I'm not too sure

Blow out my tympanic membrane
a whole new level of insane
because I'm not so secure
is it because I found you to be impure?
Track Name: Crush
the whitest tan on the blackest man
doesn't make the world perfect again
Its not literal, so don't get physical
do be dumb or just plain cynical

Watch me bleed it out, shout it out, before too long
see me break it out, and I'll get out
and I'll leave you behind

The money gets tighter as our futures get brighter
we're halfway home with nowhere to go
you and I
Track Name: Getting to Know Someone
Distaste for the human race
drives me insane everyday
the boy with the book who told me to look
to see things in God's way

I envy those who find security
in religion in like company
I can't pay the cost or the message got lost
but I don't think God's talking to me

Uh Oh!

The phone is ringing
now that's something
maybe he talks too quick or I'm just a dick
maybe I'm not listening

maybe its not him its me
I have been known blaspheme
Isn't it just swell I'll go to heaven or hell
I hope they won't mind if I'm tardy

Uh Oh!
Track Name: Idiot Friend
I'm standing at the gates of hell
why am I here again?
What am I supposed to do now? Well
everyone's left me all of my friends

I'm standing here at a Tulsa Park
what a lonely place it is
the suns going down and it's getting dark
what a lonely place it is

I'm kneeling here with this pain in my chest
I look down to see my knife
I could tell you the story but you know the rest
have I really just ended my life?

A figure in black approaches me
with a long sharp scythe in hand
he takes me where your religion tells me to be
he takes me to the place of the damned

Maybe now you all will look back
you will see the mistakes you made
all the love and the support you lacked
now I take my sorrow to the grave

don't you worry now all the I know
for I will surely see you again
my memory will come back to haunt all of you
you will remember your idiot friend