2010: Return of the Dead​-​Eyes [E​.​P​.​]

by Sexy Skeksie

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These are a handful of songs from a time when our band, Imperius Rex, was dissolving before our eyes. I wanted to try new things, I wanted to express some things that I wasn't quite felt comfortable with yet.

These were recorded in smokey, beer-scented daze in midtown Tulsa. I used our trusty Fostex MR-8, my trusty Fender DG-7, and a bunch of other shit to make these songs happen. I felt around for a bunch of ideas, and broke into a new phase of my songwriting with this collection. I used Audacity for mixing and mastering.


released July 1, 2010

All songs were written and lazily slapped together by Tony Chambers in Tulsa, OK during 2010.



all rights reserved


Sexy Skeksie Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sexy Skeksie is Tony of the Masters Chambers.

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Track Name: Why Why Why
Why do I try?
When all I have to do is be myself.

You say you believe in me
Well I believe in you
Do I believe in me?
Maybe only because I trust you

Why do I falter?
I can't make a move when you stand so close.

There's something about this world
that makes me uncomfortable
There's still something that's missing
maybe someday my world will be whole

So lay me down
under your stars
I'll gaze up into the dark abyss
who are we in our unopened hearts?

Nothing anyone says ever gets through
but baby, oh baby I wish that you could see
why I don't understand you
maybe you're just as real as me?
Track Name: My Vibrating Face
I don't know where this is going
and I can honestly say I want to be your friend and I
think you and I will be just fine
until the very bitter end

Could you pull me out from behind the scenes
even though its where I want to be?
When rhyme and reason are running away from me,
could you pull me back on my two feet?

We close our eyes to look inside only to find we've been denying ourselves

I don't know what any of us are doing here
and I can't honestly say it's good to be alive
why? we die, I don't know why and I
just want to live my life and be satisfied

as I walk alone in this blackened world,
I wish I had a girl, well arguably
all the people around here been calling me crazy
am I crazy? arguably
Track Name: The Cost of Living
Trying to figure out who we are,
we close our eyes and the world disappears
So where do we go from here/
It doesn't make any sense, it doesn't match up at all

we lose the ones we love along the way
its the price we pay, the cost of living
to the only real girl I've ever loved
I'm sorry and I miss you every day

Trying to reach out to broader horizons
but what is the point when you can't see the sun?
gagging our mouths to keep us quiet
it doesn't make any sense it doesn't match up at all

we find new ones to love along the way
its the price we gladly pay, the cost of living
to the only real girl I've ever loved
are you just a delusion of a sick, unstable mind?

trying not to die inside as we grows
we cover our ears to muffle the pain
northern bound and we're seemingly facing south
it doesn't make any sense it doesn't match up at all

Regrettably I'm back to the good life
its the price we all die to pay, the cost of living

to the only real girl I've ever loved,
I'm sorry but you're not who you used to be to me.
Track Name: Losing Sleep
To sleep, perchance another nightmare
ONe day I'll wake up and I won't be so scared
It feels like I climbed up and got stuck in this tree,
I don't wanna come down no one should ever see me

All the lost boys would come down
if all the lost girls would come around
All I can do to keep my sanity is stay in this tree
and I see the world below me and I'm missing everything

To wake inside another nightmare
Now I know who I am but I'm not sure I care
You were always the only who understood me
Now I think I see why, its because you have your own tree.

To die, inside this fucking nightmare
Well I wake up every morning and I hope you're still there
I may have been too selfish and I'm sorry
I don't wanna live life missing a part of me
Track Name: The Bridge to Black Sheep
I can see the colors
I can breathe the air
she is talking to me
I am trying hard to care!
Baa Baa Black sheep!
You make me sick of being me!

I could beg and plea for some normalcy
but this normalcy just isn't normal to me!
Baa Baa Black Sheep!
You make me sick of being me!

White Sheep says yes,
Black Sheep, "I'll think about it"
Why won't you just let me be?
Why oh why can't I be me?